Welcome to Our Company

If you are looking for a brand-name product which is sure to drive sales and increase profits, Wentworth Corp has the complete line to help you accomplish this. We work direct with quality manufacturers from across the globe sourcing only the very best in products for in and around the home. We also offer quality premium products developed in-house which are set to take the market by storm.

Wentworth Corporation

Wentworth is a Canadian head-quartered corporation founded in 2002 with warehouse operations in Toronto, Canada and California, USA. Wentworth specializes in selling products to national and regional retailers.

Bringing top quality brand name products to the masses

Wentworth Corporation researches and finds the most exclusive top quality brand name products to hit the market and brings them to market through distribution. Our products are niche products that are perfect for consumers in a variety of applications.

We bring quality and value in each and every product we introduce to the market

Through our experience, a company must offer not only top quality premium products, but the products a company does sell should also offer the end use true value and peace of mind. Our products offer both quality and value and are perfect for in and around the home or on the road.