RMX Bluebird

RMX Bluebird Rubber Hoses

RMX Bluebird Hoses

Division: Wentworth Sales Corporation

Client: RMX Bluebird

Info: Manufacturer of durable flexible rubber hoses for various applications

Bluebird rubber hoses by RMX offer the lightest multipurpose hoses on the market featuring unmatched cold-weather flexibility and a 4:1 safety factor which exceeds RMA-IP2 while including a 10 year warranty.

Every single BluBird hose is tested at 400PSI before it is dispatched from the manufacturing facility. Many other parameters (such as aging, tensile strength, burst pressure, elongation, weathering, flex-count etc.) are all tested with a strict sampling plan. And all of this affords bluebird the confidence to offer a 10-year warranty to most BluBird products.